I have been working on something...

It has come to my attention that I am largely known as "The Tinder Girl." While this was initially a little frustrating for me, because who wants to be known as the single girl that's an expert on dating apps, eventually I decided it's better to embrace it than fight it.

So, I wrote a guide on how to set up a Tinder profile that doesn't suck - and trust me, a lot of you need this. I'll also send very occasional emails about what I've been writing, so it's a good way to stay in touch. If you are one of those "normal people" in relationships, you should still sign up for the guide to 1) Advise your clueless single friends 2) Receive updates on what I've been writing 3) Laugh with over a glass of wine with your significant other about how terrible the singles have it. 

Fill out the form below and I will send it over when it's finished! Hope you enjoy!

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