Trying Something New: Weekly Recap

Though my "Everything" tab is always updated pretty instantaneously, I realize that's not necessarily the best way to find new articles I've published, and they can get lost in the fray on Facebook. So I'm going to try a little post every week with the things I've written, plus other interesting tidbits. Please be patient with changes since, per usual, I have no idea what I'm doing.



These Boozy Frosties Will Be the Only Cocktails You'll Want to Drink 

For Austin Way, I covered (mostly) non-margarita frozen beverages (minimally coincidentally, I am currently reading The Master and Margarita because of this article). Anyway, if you haven't had the frozen Bees Knees at King Bee, you are missing out on life.

A Surfer Life Breakfast For The Type-A Cubicle Set

Most of you were probably aware of how excited I was to be published in Roads & Kingdoms, a food porn/travel stories blog backed by Anthony Bourdain. I met the editor at SXSW this year and congratulated him on this article on ragu being nominated for a James Beard award. He asked me if I wrote, and after I mentioned a recent article on the very important topic of veggie burgers, he told me I should submit. It took me two months to work up the courage to do so - but I guess it paid off.  

6 Ways Bachelorette Weekends Suck So Much More Than Bachelor Parties 

Okay, so this was published two weeks ago but I refer to it often. As much as I wish that it didn't come off as a little sexist, it's totally true. 


Do you follow Juniper Foxx on Instagram? You should. That tail. Jesus.

Everyone's been posting this Hillary Clinton profile and I finally read it during my Sunday morning post-crossword lounge sesh. I don't generally enjoy reading about politicians but this is a fascinating profile of a woman in power regardless of your political stance. Choice quote:

...she encounters people on rope lines who tell her, “ ‘I really admire you, I really like you, I just don’t know if I can vote for a woman to be president.’ I mean, they come to my events and then they say that to me.” But, she maintains, “Unpacking this, understanding it, is for writers like you. I’m just trying to cope with it. Deal with it. Live through it.” Here, Clinton laughed, as if living through it were a hilarious punch line.

I had "The Experience" at Cafe Josie last night and it was probably one of the most amazing culinary experiences I've had - and only $40 per person. More on this later.

Sorry to be a downer on a Sunday, but it's important to read this letter the Stanford victim read aloud to her rapist in court, especially given that his father referred to the rape as "20 minutes of action" today. If you want to know what rape culture is, this is it. Right here.

Oh, I guess I should have some sort of picture here now?

I went to a bachelorette party in Chicago last weekend - here is a picture of me putting a temporary tattoo on my friend Emily while we have brunch, which meets two of the criteria from my article (no one ended up crying though, so, success!).