Weekly-ish Recap: Look, Time Is Just A Concept Anyway

Some of you may have noticed I haven't been publishing a lot lately. This is due to a couple of reasons:

1) Writing is hard.

2) It takes away from valuable drinking time. (I know Hemingway would argue this with me. I am not Hemingway.)

So there you have it. HOWEVER, I have a lot more in the works this month, so I will not be lazy on posting my recaps.


7 Dainty Jewelry Designers in Austin & Where To Find Their Wares

I very much enjoy the delicate jewelry trend and almost went broke putting this list together. The entire article was inspired by the Zada necklace from pharaō in my W Hotel #SaveFerris swag bag that I love, love, love. 

Best Frozen Treats to Endure the Test of Sanity That Is Summer in Austin

I wrote this for my damn self. 

Review of Sophia's for Austin Food Magazine

Hi yes I love pasta - unsure if you knew this about me? Or if I have mentioned it maybe 70,000 times? Anyway, Sophia's is a swanky new spot on West 6th, and I give their pastas and #thatporkchoptho two thumbs up. (PS - This is my first review for Austin Food Magazine. Go read it so Hayden will pay me to do more!)

6 Ways to Get Your Oyster Fix in Austin

Personally I think oysters are basically sea snot, but I consulted people who know these things to write this article. 

7 Austin Restos Where You Can Have Brunch on Saturdays, Too

REMEMBER HOW I SAID I HAD AN IMPORTANT, LIFE-CHANGING ARTICLE? THIS IS THAT ARTICLE!!! Places that only serve brunch on Sundays are as dead to me as places that only serve breakfast tacos before 11 am. BRUNCH FOR ALL!!!!!!!!


I dunno man. I'm really the only one who's been interesting this week. But you can read one of my favorite short stories of all time: Italy, by Antonio Elefano. This essay about women and (not) drinking was thought-provoking. If you have a ton of free time, start working your way through The Atlantic's list of exceptional journalism this year. Oh, and anyone who doesn't follow Wonton Soup on Instagram is making a serious mistake. 


So when I went to the W Hotel party, we had the option to do a fitness class or sit in a cabana with a drink. Guess which one I went for?