Weekly-ish Recap: Realtalk

I lied to you a few weeks ago. I'm sorry. 

First, let's just all acknowledge that these recaps occur every other week/whenever I have published the necessary amount of new articles to constitute a post. But Weekly-ish sounds cooler than Bi-weekly-ish so I am keeping it. (Plus maybe I will publish that much someday! #goals).

Okay, so the lying. You may have noticed that my writing has been different lately. I haven't published a personal essay in a long time, and the reason for that is threefold: 1) It's harder to find places that publish your personal essays for $$$ b) I am on the job hunt and having your potential employers read about how you're scared you won't have babies is kinda weird iii) I have been...sad, lately. For a while. And it is hard to write when every time you try, your eyes water and you can't see the screen anymore and then you have to go hug your cat and she just in general is not conducive to working and then you go watch Netflix to make your brain turn off. It's also a lot easier to do that than sit around and think about why you're sad. 

I feel really unprofessional saying that I'm sad. But saying I'm happy isn't a problem. Weird?

Every word I write that isn't an assignment feels like I'm slogging through mud with a rope that attaches me to a large water buffalo. Sure, there is some progress, but it's ugly. I keep waiting for the fog to lift but it hasn't. I think I'm supposed to write about it, but I don't know what kind of story has the ending "...and I still feel that way and don't know what to do." I don't know. We're going to find out together. I gave myself a deadline. 10/5. And then you can read about all my problems. Yay?

Anyway, I'm sorry to air my personal life on my portfolio blog. Here is what you came for. 


7 Can't-Miss Events Happening in Austin This Fall (Austin Way)
Everything from concerts in castles to a Satanic Panic Room, assuming you have the energy to get off the couch and enjoy life, which I do not. (JK - See you at Weekend 1 of ACL)

Must-Visit Breweries in Every Part of Austin (Austin Way) 
This inspired some heated debate on my Facebook page, but sorry, I made my choices and I'm sticking to them.

6 Restos Locals Don't Want to Tell You About (Austin Way) 
Including a restaurant that I'm pretty sure even natives are completely unaware of! 


The World is a Thriving Slaughterhouse (The Atlantic)
To go along with the general uplifting theme of this post. 

Scandals! (New York Magazine)
Not so much an article but an issue that I am slowly working through. 

Last weekend I was in Maine for the wedding of one of my best friends, and our photoshoot made it into a Huffington Post roundup! We're #15 :) 

Random photo of me! This is from the Austin Way party at the Domain. Because you know what helps sadness? Stuffing your face with cookie shot glasses. 

And because I know you'll ask...that amazing dress is from  ModCloth . 

And because I know you'll ask...that amazing dress is from ModCloth