Recap: Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2017 everybody! I assume you didn't start without me, right? 

As mentioned, I rang in the new year watching fireworks on the beach in Rio de Janeiro. It was my first time in South America, and despite the fact that I have an entirely new appreciation for air conditioning and I still am not convinced Portuguese is a real language (it sounds like Martian to me and I kept laughing uncontrollably every time I heard it which is, as you can imagine, not very conducive to making friends), I had an amazing trip. If you thought you would get through this without pictures, you were wrong.

Next up I am headed to San Francisco and San Diego to really make use of my time as a member of the funemployed (Shiloh is very supportive of my joblessness but does not appreciate when I am gone). 

In other news, I got a new computer. I was working with a 2010 MacBook Air which was riding the struggle bus pretty hard (we're talking 10+ minutes to open my email sometimes), but since it wasn't broken and I do not have a regular source of income, I was having a hard time committing to such a big purchase. Ohmygod, greatest decision of my life to finally take that plunge. So pumped to make some changes to this website now that my computer is faster than my phone. 


I hope you guys are enjoying Storytime Wednesday! Here are things I published on other outlets. 

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Inspired by my trip to Api's over Thanksgiving which was honestly one of the best meals I've had in a while. I'm going to their new pizza offshoot, Sorellina this weekend and I am super pumped because you can never have enough pizza. 

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OK, so maybe this isn't relevant anymore, but I wrote it and if you are a true superfan of my writing you should read everything, right???

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If you can't go to exotic tropical destinations like me, the spas on this list probably the next best thing.

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Again, this whole article was an excuse to write about my love for Flower Child at The Domain. Also, if you have diet restrictions, you should definitely check out Citizen Eatery - I had a soup there that is the absolute perfect thing for cold weather, not that we ever get that in Texas.

Austin Chefs Weigh In on the Top Food Trends for 2017 (Austin Way)



I've been trying to read more of...those know, with the paper? Books! Yeah, that's what they're called. Started off on an intellectual strong point with Dave Barry's Best. State. Ever.  (but like, actually, it's kind of incredible the amount of reporting that go into his stories about, say, a search for the Florida version of Bigfoot). I'm also really liking Olive Kitteridge, a tapestry of stories in a small Maine town - plus, it's apparently an HBO miniseries now. On a recommendation, I read The Other Side by Lacy Johnson (Rice professor! Go Owls!) in approximately four hours because I was so hooked in the (true!) story of her kidnapping by an abusive ex-boyfriend.


Because why break tradition? 

This is a caipirinha, the one word in Portuguese I learned how to spell, at Puro restaurant. For full envy experience, please visit my  Instagram . 

This is a caipirinha, the one word in Portuguese I learned how to spell, at Puro restaurant. For full envy experience, please visit my Instagram