Quick Point of Clarification

Hi all! If you're wondering how having two jobs is going, the answer is: I'm still alive somehow! And I've learned I need way less sleep than previously thought.

I feel like there are a lot of misconceptions out there about what I do for Eater Austin. The TL,DR version: My preferred terminology for what I do is food writer.

What I am not:
- An Instagrammer (Have you SEEN my Instagram?! I feel like my phone audibly sighs whenever I open the camera app) 
- A food blogger (Bloggers generally write for themselves, and Eater is a national site)
- A food critic (While I WISH I could write down what I think about food, that's not really what I do for Eater)

What I do: 
- Write about restaurant news (openings, closings, other peoples' reviews)
- Compile lists of restaurants (i.e. "Places to Day Drink") and events
- Other stuff, idk, read the site

Random picture of me:

Because I can't skip tradition.

Selfie between parties

Selfie between parties