A Look Back at 2015 - Good Riddance

I generally stay pretty positive. I know that, overall, my life is incredibly privileged and I am lucky to have it. But man, fuck this year. 

I started the year by getting broken up with. Then, my car got totaled by someone with no insurance. Then, I had to cancel celebrating my 30th birthday due to not being able to stand up without immense amounts of pain, which turned out to require the removal of one of my organs and severely limit one of my greatest joys in life: food. The accident and the surgery cost significant amounts of money, causing me to not be able to attend my friend's wedding, among other cutbacks. I got rejected lots of times, my favorite band canceled on my interview request, and my cat started using my couch as a bathroom. Oh, and I got to end the year with a breakup too. Yippee. 



YEAH OKAY FINE GREAT THINGS HAPPENED THIS YEAR TOO. It was my New Year's Resolution to get paid for my writing, and I accomplished that on January 8th with my xoJane article. I started doing yoga and finally found a form of exercise I can actually keep up with (not to mention that losing an organ and the ability to eat food made me lose 15 lbs in the least joyous way possible). I had an article go viral-ish and even had a reality TV show contact me about it. I went to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Montreal, and Italy (with my mom!). And I'm not dead. 

However, I have to say I'm really glad this year is over and a new one is beginning. Sure, I'll have to endure more people at my yoga studio, but it's time to set new goals. I was able to accomplish the two I set for myself last year, and the two I have for this year are a bigger deal and will require fairly significant life changes. Let's see what I can do.

Happy New Year, everyone, and here's to a better 2016.

(PS - I have no intention of writing in this blog on a regular basis, so don't get excited).