Storytime Wednesday: Meat Cake

We all have that one friend who vehemently defends his stupid ideas, even when he himself does probably not believe them. These people are fools, and they must suffer.

One night in college, probably after a few adult beverages, a heated discussion emerged when a friend insisted that any two foods that are good separately are even better together. My friend KT, who is sane, pointed out that this could not possibly be true, giving the example of meat and cake together. Insane Friend said that sounded delicious, and we decided to call his bluff.

We made a night of it. KT spent a lot of time making an extremely elaborate meat cake - to a base of Betty Crocker Chocolate mix (with frosting, obviously), we added ground beef, cut up hot dogs, and I'm pretty sure there was some bacon in there. We topped it with a fried egg. 

We cut a piece and put it on a plate for Insane Friend (because #manners). I would not like to thoroughly describe to you what ground beef looks like poking out of a chocolate cake, but it definitely resembles worms. We all watched this spectacle with bated breath and turned stomachs.

Insane Friend didn't even hesitate, digging right into his slice. We didn't have to wait long for the verdict: "Oh MAN this is good!" he said, mouth full of meat cake, reaching for another forkful. He kept eating the cake while KT and I turned steadily greener, and eventually tried to get other people to sample the... (dessert? food?) "creation." One of his friends finally took him up on the offer, and insisted that it actually wasn't bad, but KT and I declined to sample for ourselves.

Years later, I attended a Copper & Kings dinner at Freedmen's BBQ, where the dessert was a red velvet cake made with brisket fat. The smokey, fatty flavor was a delicious undertone to the sumptuous dessert. Kind of makes you think...maybe I should have tried the meat cake.