Recap: I am alive! My legs are not.

According to my records I have not done a recap since February. Oops! I have written a lot of #content since then! Some of it was good!

Most of my time lately has been focusing on working out a lot. I've gained some weight since the new year so I'm trying to be more committed to making the good kind of #gainz, plus, there's something about my body's looming mortality (it's all downhill from 32, right?) that makes me want to appreciate its strength while I still can. Yesterday I did a weights yoga class, then this morning I went on a 2.5 hour hike with friends (my first on the Greenbelt, despite the fact that I'm from here), followed by a soccer game in the evening. Super excited to see how that feels tomorrow. 

Here's a funny/sad story: I can't really do headstands in yoga anymore. I mean, I can do them if I'm against a wall - I don't touch it, but it helps knowing that the support is there if I need it. I used to be able to do them fairly consistently, if shakily - the first time I ever did one, I drove directly to my exboyfriend's house to show him and make him take a video of me going upside-down. But then we broke up. 

When I finally took a break from staring at the ceiling and silently crying, I dragged myself to something that made me happy: yoga. I went to a packed class with my favorite teacher, and about 10 minutes in she asks us all to get up into a headstand. I'm feeling surprisingly confident, so I get upside down, but something is off and I lose my balance. I come crashing down and knee myself directly in the face. Everyone in class is staring at me and my teacher is kind of laughing, because people falling down is funny, and I just run to the bathroom and completely lose it from the pain, frustration, embarrassment, and general breakup misery. My nose didn't break or bleed and I slunk back in to finish the class, but I haven't been able to do headstands since then. I know it's totally a mental block - I'm much stronger now - and I look forward to taking back ownership of that part of my mind again. Even if I need a crutch for a while.


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Did you know my cat is approximately 1000x better at modeling than I am?

But sometimes we make a good team, too :)

But sometimes we make a good team, too :)